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An editor is a person who makes changes to documents. More specifically the word editor can mean: One who, or that which, edits photos. Film editor, a person who edits movies. Text editor, an application program for editing an electronic text or media document. A Wikipedia user who makes changes also called "edits" to pages "articles". A person who edits texts, see copy editing. A newspaper or magazine editor is a person who prepares articles for printing and sometimes chooses which articles to put in the newspaper. The main editor of a newspaper or magazine is called the "editor-in chief" ...


Enigma may refer to: Enigma machine, a machine used to encrypt messages during World War Two. Enigma Variations, a set of short pieces written by Edward Elgar about his friends.


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A machine is a thing that is created by people to make work easier. It is a tool or invention which multiplies the effect of human effort. The machine produces a mechanical advantage.

Some machines have many parts that move. Examples are bicycles and clocks.

Some machines do not have parts that move. Examples are computers and telephones.

People have used machines since before there was history.

Often a machine will change one form of energy to another form of energy. Simple machines increase or change the direction of a force.


1. Simple machine

There are six simple machines. They are:

  • The screw.
  • And the wheel and axle.
  • The lever.
  • The wedge.
  • The pulley.
  • The Inclined plane (ramp.

Compound machines are made up of two or more simple machines.

  • Machine code is a computer program written in machine language. It uses the instruction set of a particular computer architecture. It is usually written
  • Turing machine is a term from computer science. A Turing machine is a system of rules, states and transitions rather than a real machine It was first
  • A sewing machine is used to stitch fabric together with thread. Sewing machines were an invention of the industrial revolution that made it possible to
  • A washing machine is a machine that washes dirty clothes. It contains a barrel into which the clothes are placed. This barrel is filled with water, and
  • used to do work. All mechanical machines are made by combining simple machines There are six basic simple machines as defined by Renaissance scientists:
  • Florence and the Machine also written as Florence the Machine is an English rock band that is a recording name of Florence Welch and a collaboration
  • The Wayback Machine is a website that has webpages from the past. The Internet Archive started the Wayback Machine in October 2001. Internet Archive launches
  • A slot machine American English called also fruit machine British English the slots Canadian English poker machine or pokies slang Australian
  • The Enigma machine was created for Germany by Arthur Scherbius in World War I. It is a cypher machine a way of changing the letters of a message so that
  • called magazines. Machine guns are usually divided into heavy - duty machine guns, light machine guns, and sub - machine guns. Heavy machine guns HMG are placed
  • virtual machine is a program on a computer that works like it is a separate computer inside the main computer. The program that controls virtual machines is
  • A general - purpose machine gun GPMG is a machine gun which gets its ammunition from a belt. It can be used in many different roles: it can support infantry
  • A light machine gun, or LMG, is a type of machine gun that is designed to be used by only one soldier. Light machine guns are often used as squad automatic
  • Teaching machines were originally mechanical devices. They presented educational materials and taught students. They were first invented by Sidney L. Pressey
  • A Vending machine is an automatic machine that sells food or drink or other items. Vending machine foods include snacks such as potato chips, chocolate
  • Rage Against the Machine sometimes known as RATM or Rage, is a rock band from Los Angeles, California. Rage Against the Machine are known for their mixing
  • The PK is a machine gun designed in the Soviet Union and is still being used currently by the Russian Army. The PK went in production in 1961 and entered
  • Heavy machine gun is a term used to describe automatic firearms which are too heavy for one soldier to carry. In the early 20th century most were 7.62mm
  • A sex machine is a machine that is used to simulate human sexual intercourse or other sexual activity. Leung, Isaac 2009 The Cultural Production of
  • Teller Machine for short, is a machine that lets people take out withdraw cash from their bank accounts. In the UK ATMs are often called cash machines cashpoints
  • The M249 light machine gun is a machine gun which is the U.S. vesion of the Belgian FN Minimi light machine gun, used by the United States and Lebanon
  • movement that goes on forever once started without additional energy added. A machine that could be set in motion once would continue to move forever. Such a
  • The Ghost in the Machine is a metaphor in philosophy. The philosopher Gilbert Ryle called mind the Ghost in the Machine and the idea that it was separate
  • An answering machine other names are answerphone, ansaphone, ansafone and Telephone Answering Device TAD is a machine It is attached to a telephone

  • The Vickers machine gun also known as the Vickers gun was a machine gun that was used by the British Army from 1912 to 1968. It was made by Vickers
  • A Java virtual machine JVM is a set of computer software programs and data structures which use a virtual machine model for the execution of other computer
  • A molecular machine or nanomachine, is any set of molecules which produce mechanical movements output in response to specific stimuli input The
  • Machine translation, sometimes referred to by the acronym MT, is part of computational linguistics. It looks at the use of computer software to translate
  • Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed Arthur Samuel, 1959 It is a subfield of computer science
  • A political machine sometimes called just machine in politics is a political organization in which a person or small group with authority that has enough

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Machine functions related to the hardware MicroPython 1.14.

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