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Cache algorithm

A Cache algorithm is an algorithm used to manage a cache or group of data. When the cache is full, it decides which item should be deleted from the cache. The word hit rate describes how often a request can be served from the cache. The term latency describes for how long a cached item can be obtained. Cache alorithms are a trade-off between hit-rate and latency. Pseudo-LRU PLRU: There are certain cases where LRU is very difficult to implement. In such cases it may be enough to know that in most cases, one of the least recently used items is deleted. The PLRU algorithm can be used there, b ...


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High technology is the best technology available at the moment. High technology can be defined as the most complex or the newest technology on the market. The opposite of high technology is low technology. This is simple and cheap technology.

  • American football is one of many sports often played in high schools. Games are not extremely high tech This short article about sports can be made longer
  • The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting on April 16, 2007, which took place at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, a college
  • Neo - futurism has absorbed sоme of the high - tech concept themes аnd ideas and incorporating elements of high - tech industry аnd technology. The Neo - Futurist
  • companies and high tech companies are subsets of technology companies. Marli Guzzetta. Why Even a Salad Chain Wants to Call Itself a Tech Company Inc
  • District. The city is the base of high tech industry in Taiwan. Built in 1980, Hsinchu Science Park is home of 360 high tech companies including TSMC, Philips
  • Louisiana Tech originally from Sarepta Stephen Babcock, high - profile Louisiana trial lawyer who attended Ruston High School, and Louisiana Tech University
  • is a public university school for after high school in Atlanta, Georgia. It is also known as Georgia Tech It focuses primarily on engineering, science
  • Technical College Preparatory High School also known as Lane Tech is a public 4 - year selective enrollment magnet high school located in the Roscoe Village
  • School Lakeside High School Lamar High School Lavaca High School Lead Hill School Lincoln New Tech High School Lisa Academy West High School Little Rock
  • Although the word fantasy is most often applied to low - tech worlds, it also can depict high tech worlds, overlapping with science fiction e.g. Star Wars
  • but now means all the high - tech businesses in the area. Even though it s not truly a valley, it is a term for the high - tech sector generally. Silicon
  • American college football coach at Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Tech He was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame as a player and coach
  • School shooting University of Texas Massacre Virginia Tech massacre Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting This short article can be made longer
  • clinics run by the University. Ann Arbor s economy is also very high - tech High - tech companies come to the area because there are many graduates and a
  • 2008 - 02 - 28 London buses headed in the same direction as Helsinki s high - tech transport system Technology The Guardian. Retrieved 2010 - 02 - 02. CS1
  • in the United States, and the one with the most deaths until the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. After the shooting, many people wanted to know why it had
  • Pinkwashing And All Things High - Tech Are On The Agenda At Lesbians Who Tech First Summit In Tel Aviv 7 June 2016. Lesbians Who Tech take on Tel Aviv
  • Aviv. It is home to one of the world s major diamond exchanges, and many high - tech industries. The current mayor is Carmel Shama. Ramat Gan was established
  • because it is the color of snow. You can use white to show simplicity in high - tech products. White is an appropriate color for charitable organizations
  • Corporation is a manufacturer of smartphones in Taiwan. It used to be called High Tech Computer Corporation and now is called HTC by lots of people. The company
  • for arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. It opened on October 3, 2008. It has a lot of high tech things in it. EMPAC Main Page
  • Developing an application for multiple platforms is very complex, as it needs high - tech backend work to make the app run on different platforms. With the wide
  • A science park is a property designed and used for supporting high tech science, or research related businesses. Science parks are found all over the
  • architect. He is known for his modernist and functionalist designs in high - tech architecture. Rogers was born in Florence, Italy. In 2007, Rogers won
  • Partners Founder of High Ridge Global. YLF Fellows at National Committee on United States China Relations Nurturing a future tech hub: South Florida efforts
  • Randolph Expressway. In the three most northern counties it is part of the High Tech Corridor Through most of Pennsylvania, it is called the Raymond P. Shafer
  • rival high school in this story. Aoba Johsai, Nekoma, Date Tech Fukuroudani Academy, and Shiratorizawa Academy. In the story, the Karasuno High School
  • coal - mining, is now having a good economy thanks to the logistics and high tech industry biotechnology, space industry, IT Wettelijke Bevolking per

  • Tech The field is named for Hugh Inman Grant, son of John W. Grant, an Atlanta merchant. The stadium is located on the east side of the Georgia Tech
  • Located at the intersection of Jay Street Willoughby Street and Metro Tech in Downtown Brooklyn It is served by the A C F and R trains This station

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