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★ Sari (clothing)

A sari is a type of clothing for women. It is mostly used as a daily clothing in modern Republic of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It is a very long strip of cloth. Women wrap it around their body. It is the National dress-code commonly worn by Bangladeshi and Indian women alike respectively. Also some Urdu or Mohajir-speaking communities of Pakistani women also wear this garment.

There are different kinds of saris for different occasions.

  • A mask is a type of clothing which covers the face. It is similar to a veil, but more close - fitting. There are different reasons why people use masks.
  • Tagalog Swardspeak English Bahay kubo, kahit munti Ang halaman duon, Ay sari - sari Singkamas, at talong, Sigarilyas at mani Sitaw, bataw, patani Kundol

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